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Integrated Marketing for the Asian Market

MEME recognises the importance of both traditional and new (online) marketing to achieve business promotional goals.

MEME uses the IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) strategies for messaging. IMC is about using a customised mix of media including traditional (printed) media, new (online/social) media, events and sponsorship to reinforce each other.

For example, printing your company name on your car probably won't cause another driver to call your number right away. However, other drivers will subconsciously remember your company name and logo so that when they see it again in another context, they will immediately be familiar with it. Experiments have shown that other subsequent exposure will receive more attention. This is why IMC is important.

We will assist our clients conduct a situational analysis of internal and external factors that may affect the marketing/branding message and build a customised communications and creative strategy.

IMC Marketing Plan